| Solo Sessions | Its not a guitar presenation! | Solo Sessions | Its not a guitar presentation!

We present players, not guitars. You can hear, recorded with a single mic and NO EQ,  the pure sound of a good player. What does  that mean? You will find out, the player makes the tone...

It is important to find the right guitar, but its much more important to develop the right technique und the right tone.

So its still Gismo, playing a 100 EUR crap Guitar from Ebay....check this out!

Also very interesting: All players play spontanously, its pure improvisation - just the moment when some music comes into the mind of the player. It `s the true essence of Django's Playing. So listen to it!

Altamira D-Hole antique

Random Ebay Selmer

Stringphonic Basic Model Oval Hole

Goulielmos Selmer D-Hole

Maurice Dupont Nomade Nylon

Maurice Dupont MD 60





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