Denis Chang : Jazz Manouche: The Art of Accompaniment

Denis Chang : Jazz Manouche: The Art of Accompaniment
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Denis Chang : Jazz Manouche: The Art of Accompaniment JAZZ MANOUCHE THE ART OF... mehr
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Denis Chang : Jazz Manouche: The Art of Accompaniment


by Denis Chang

Author: Denis Chang
Design & Editing: Wayne Nakamura/HyperHip
Videography: Wayne Nakamura/HyperHip
French Translation: Eric Flanquart

Jazz Manouche or Gypsy Jazz, is a highly-evolved style of music, based on the guitar playing of Django Reinhardt. It requires a solid rhythmic foundation upon which a soloist may build his or her musical statement. The challenge lies in learning how to produce this rhythmic foundation, for Manouche rhythm can be both instantly recognizable to the audience and, frustratingly subtle to the student.

In “Jazz Manouche The Art of Accompaniment, this rhythmic foundation is disassembled, piece-by-piece, by instructor Denis Chang. With the aid of three students, Denis clearly illustrates how to produce, not just “acceptable” but “authentic” Manouche rhythm. Denis’ teaching methods follow the traditional Manouche approach of oral training. Reliance on theory and printed instruction is minimized as the student is encouraged to learn simply by watching, listening and repeating. Denis has had continued success with this approach with his own students.

Topics covered include:

Rhythm Styles • Straight Rhythm / Downstroke Style • The Right Hand • Outer String Exercise • Right Hand Review • The Left Hand • Gm6 G#m6 Am6 Exercise • G G7 C Cm G D7 Exercise • Swing Rhythm / Upstroke Style • Tremelo • Tremelo Variation • Upstroke Details • Upstroke & Downstroke Variations • Range of Motion • Subtle Upstroke • First Strum, Bass Only • Subtle vs Power Strum • Wet vs Dry Sound • Pick Preference • Timing • Metronome Exercises • Count Out a Rhythm Exercise • How to Start With Correct Rhythm • Metronome Exercise #4 • Rhythm Effects • Basic Effect • Triplet Roll • "Django" Effect • Triplet Exercise • "Exaggerated" Upstroke Effect • 2nd & 4th Beat Accents • Advanced Effects • Use Effects Tastefully • Waltz Rhythm • Bossa Rhythm • Bossa Variations • Bolero Rhythm • Bolero Variation #1 • Rumba Rhythm • Rumba Variation • Funk Rhythms • Romanian & Hungarian Rhythms • Chord Shapes • Major Chords • Minor Chords • 7th Chords • Minor Swing Voicings • Django Voicings • Django C Major • Dm6 Chord • E7 Chord • Bb7 Chord • Diminished Chords • 3 Note Chords • Dm G7 C Chord Progression • F Fm C A7 Dm7 G7 C Chord Progression • Two Fret Chord Approach Effect • G D7 Progression Variations • Importance of Rhythmic Variations • Simplifying Chord Progressions • Complicating a Simple Chord Progression • B7 E7 A7 D7 Chord Progression • Chromatic Descent Chord Progression • Spicing Up a C7 Progression • Song Endings • Intros • Minor Key Intros

Denis has a B.Mus. from McGill University and has received several scholarships from the Berklee College of Music. He has performed, studied and recorded with Fapy Lafertin, Ritary Gaguenetti, Andreas Öberg, Chriss Campion, Paulus Schäfer, Lollo Meier, and many others. He is an endorser of AJL guitars. He performs regularly with his band Flèche d’Or. To purchase CDs or to learn more abo

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