DVD Gypsy Waltzes Featuring STOCHELO ROSENBERG

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  • HM0019
Gypsy Waltzes Featuring STOCHELO ROSENBERG Cat # HM0019 by Stochelo... mehr
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Gypsy Waltzes Featuring

Cat # HM0019
by Stochelo Rosenberg


Instructor: Stochelo Rosenberg
Producer/Guitar: Denis Chang
Design & Editing:
Wayne Nakamura/HyperHip
Subtitles: Denis Chang
Music Transcriptions: Denis Chang

The Gypsy Waltz is a genre of music related to, yet separate from, Jazz Manouche. Django Reinhardt, the acknowledged master of Jazz Manouche, started his career in the bal-musette clubs of Paris before discovering jazz.

Gypsy Waltz plays an important role in the Sinti community, into which both Django Reinhardt and Stochelo Rosenberg were born. Artists such as Baro Ferret, Matelot Ferret and Tchan Tchou Vidal, continued to develop the Gypsy Waltz as both notable performers and composers.

Stochelo Rosenberg learned many of these waltzes at a very young age. His grandfather Latcheben Grünholz and his uncle Wasso Grünholz were revered as both players and composers. Stochelo continues to perform several of their compositions to this day.

Topics covered include:

In this DVD, Stochelo performs eight waltzes in the Jazz Manouche style. Accompanied by noted producer and performer, Denis Chang, Stochelo shows the technique required to perform these difficult pieces. Stochelo then demonstrates some of the more difficult phrases in these pieces at slower tempos.

Printable musical notation and tablature are included on the DVD to assist the student.

Songs performed include:

• Dolores (Tchan Tchou Vidal)
• Valse à Rosenberg (Stochelo Rosenberg)
• Valse à Bamboula (Bamboula Ferret)
• Latcheben (Latcheben Grünholz)
• La Gitane (Tchan Tchou Vidal)
• Wasso’s Waltz (Wasso Grünholz)
• Valse à Wasso (Wasso Grünholz)
• Gypsy Summer (Stochelo Rosenberg)

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