DellArte Favino Replik "Jimmy Rosenberg"

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SOLD - verkauft - weg DellArte Favino Replik "Jimmy Rosenberg" preowned by Jimmy... mehr
Produktinformationen "DellArte Favino Replik "Jimmy Rosenberg""

SOLD - verkauft - weg

DellArte Favino Replik "Jimmy Rosenberg"

preowned by Jimmy Rosenberg!



The Story of the instrument:

Well, he got it as a gift from dell arte when they introduced the Jimmy Rosenberg model. I was told  he recorded the cd "trio" with it and it is this guitar he holds on the cover of that cd. I bought it via xxx and xx xxxxxxx, whom I know well, from the local gypsyguitar traders in camp Rijswijk. they are musicans and realy closely related to the Rosenbergs. They regularly  play  together at the camp. (zbs. The likes of Tchavolo, Dorado and Mozes Rosenberg usw. visit there often. I sometimes go see the when they rehearse in the clubhouse) The Limbergers actually called me in the evening while I was giving guitarlessons, to come and play this guitar. As it would go to germany next morning. They know I am a guitarlover too. I went to play it and ended up buying it. 

This guitar is the one Jimmy shows in the documentary The Father , the Son also known as the Broken String.When Jimmy is visited and filmed in rehab he says somthing like " look what I scored" he also points out he put two coins under the bridge as he likes the action high. The improv on Joseph Joseph filmed is, as far as I honestly know , also done with this guitar. 

The Facts of the instrument: 

Body size at lower bout: 16 5/8". Scale length: 26 3/8" (675mm) Nut Width: 1 3/4" Body depth at endblock: 4 1/4"

Materials: Bookmatched solid European spruce top; solid Indian rosewood back and sides; solid curly maple neck and binding; solid ebony fingerboard and bridge; mother of pearl position markers and peghead inlay.

Hardware: All original hardware including solid ebony bridge; gold DR Selmer style tailpiece; gold Schaller 16X1 tuners; adjustable truss rod. BIGTONE included!

Notes: San Diego based luthier John Kinnard has built an international following for his faithfully crafted gypsy jazz guitars. The Dell'Arte Jimmy Rosenberg is a deluxe version of the well regarded Dell'Arte Hommage. Built in the style of the Favino Petit Bouche, it is the largest of the traditional gypsy jazz guitars. This design is renowned for it's increased power and projection, and is a versatile instrument for either lead or rhythm work.

This handsome example is made with the long 675 mm scale, with a generous 1 3/4" nut for easy fingering. With back and sides of handsome Indian Rosewood, the body makes a brilliant platform for the solid bookmatched Sitka spruce top. The guitar is in superb condition, with a spectacular tiger flame maple neck, gold Schaller 16X1 tuners, and the traditional DR tailpiece with signture inlay.


The Guitar shows heavy signs of playing - but technically its in best condition..look at the picture .....a piece of real gypsy jazz history

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