Richwood O-Hole lefthand RM-70L-NT

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  • GG-RICH-0002
Dieses Modell hat eine  Fichtendecke. Korpusübergang 14 Bund. Die Richwood wird... mehr
Produktinformationen "Richwood O-Hole lefthand RM-70L-NT"

Dieses Modell hat eine  Fichtendecke. Korpusübergang 14 Bund.

Die Richwood wird spielbereit o h n e Hardcase geliefert.

Case dazu:


body shape: Manouche petite bouche left hand
bracing design: ladder bracing
scale length: 645 mm
nut width: 43,6 mm
body length: 475 mm
lower bout width: 403 mm
body thickness: 94/98 mm
top material: Sitka spruce
back & side material: sapele
neck material: Khaya mahogany
fingerboard material: pau ferro
fingerboard material: black ABS
bridge: pau ferro
headstock veneer: pau ferro
top color: vintage stained
body finishing: glossy
neck finishing: glossy
rosette: oval wood
top purfling: 2-ply
side binding: brown ABS
back binding: brown ABS
trussrod: active two-way
top position dots: 5mm white pearl shell
side position dots: 2mm white pearl shell
frets: 18% silver nickel
nut material: Ivory ABS plus zero fret
machine head: Selmer style chrome
strings: d'Addario
bridge pins: n.a.
pickguard: n.a.
strap button: chomre
tailpiece: chrome with pau ferro

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