Richwood RTB80 Travel Acousticbass, 620mm Mensur,

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Endlich...die meisten Akustikbässe habe eine sehr sehr lange Mensur - dieser nicht - er ist... mehr
Produktinformationen "Richwood RTB80 Travel Acousticbass, 620mm Mensur,"

Endlich...die meisten Akustikbässe habe eine sehr sehr lange Mensur - dieser nicht - er ist leicht und angenehm zu spielen und du kriegst kein Krämpfe, wenn die Session mal länger dauert. Ideal für Strasse oder Spontan session!

Travel Acousticbass, 620mm Mensur, massive Fichtendecke, Dicast Tuner, Fishman Presys PU, mit Tasch 
With a scale length of 620mm and an overall length of 920mm this is the perfect travel companion for bass players. For beginning bass players, the RTB-80 an ideal practice bass, but also the advanced bass players can have fun with this unique small, beautifully finished instrument.

With a solid spruce top, sapele back and sides and arched back the RTB-80 produces adequate projection and definition. Perfect in acoustic setups.The RTB-80 os equipped with a Fishman Presys system with built-in tuner. To enhance the playability the bass features a truss rod. The RTB-80 is available in natural (spruce) and black and comes with a quality gig bag.

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