Rodriguez Toledo USED Oval Hole. Pickup

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Rodriguez Toledo USED Oval Hole. Pickup Allgemeine Informationen Maccaferri guitars like... mehr
Produktinformationen "Rodriguez Toledo USED Oval Hole. Pickup"

Rodriguez Toledo USED Oval Hole. Pickup

Allgemeine Informationen

Maccaferri guitars like this Model Toledo by famous Spanish luthier Manual Rodriguez date back to the early 20th century when they were played primarily by Gypsy jazz guitarists. More than 100 years later, they're popular in other styles of music too. That's not surprising because the large body produces an impressive volume, the comfortable neck is a joy to play and the body cutaway gives you easy access to the higher frets. 


The solid cedar top ensures a warm sound with plenty of volume and the rosewood back and sides add a touch of sparkle to the trebles. The 20-fret rosewood fretboard adds extra warmth to the overall sound too. This model is also equipped with a truss rod for accurate neck adjustments. The string nut and bridge saddle are both made of bone for an optimal tone.


Apart from the wonderful sound, the attention to detail and top-quality finish on this Manuel Rodriguez guitar is clear for all to see. The body has a beautiful rosewood binding and the headstock has a rosewood veneer. The sound hole has been meticulously inlaid with different types of wood and the tailpiece has also been decorated with care. If you're fan of Maccaferri guitars, then you'll struggle to find a better model than this one by Manuel Rodriguez.

Produkt Informationen
Mit Tonabnahmesystem Ja
Korpustyp Maccaferri
Massiv/laminiert massive Decke
Saitenanzahl 6
Anzahl Bünde 20
Cutaway Ja
Farbe/Oberfläche wood/natural
Material Griffbrett Palisander (Rosewood)
Holzsorte - Decke Zeder
Holzsorte - Zargen Palisander
Holzsorte - Boden Palisander (Rosewood)
Format nicht zutreffend
Linkshändig Nein
Inkl. Tasche/Softcase Nein
Inkl. Koffer Ja
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