GUITARLELE Cortez tc 460

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Its my Sofa Guitar! Or in the camper, when space is important! Cool little guitar! I like it.... mehr
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Its my Sofa Guitar! Or in the camper, when space is important! Cool little guitar! I like it.



Both guitar and ukulele. A fun instrument! Tuned a fourth higher than a guitar : A D G C E A. Salvador Cortez gigbag included.


The Salvador Cortez TC-460 is both a ukulele and a guitar. The sound of a tenor ukulele with six strings, tuned A D G C E A. All the knowledge that you have from the guitar can be applied to the TC-460, but you’ll have the sound of a tenor uke. The TC-460 has a spruce top, sapele sides and back and rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Salvador Cortez gigbag included. 

It's the perfect travel companion when you're on the road, or even just at home and looking for a smaller guitar to pick up and play. It's compact, lightweight with an deceptively loud voice. 


top wood : spruce 
back and sides wood : sapele 
scale length : 434mm 
neck joint : mortise and tenon 
top nut width : 48mm 
12th fret width : 54mm 
string spacing at bridge : 52 
upper bout : 173mm 
lower bout : 222mm 
body length : 318mm 
body depth : 70mm 
total length : 692mm

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