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Krivo Micro-Manouche Krivo Micro-Manouche
The Krivo Micro-Manoúche features the following: Innovative “Optimized Microphonics” design senses acoustic vibrations from soundboard in addition to string vibrations. Mounts with included non invasive easily removable finish-friendly...
219,00 € *
Krivo Djangobucker Krivo Djangobucker
Krivo Djangobucker The Djangobucker is available in two styles: a petit bouche model (black) which recesses into the fretboard cutaway oval-hole gypsy guitars for a "seamless" look,and the new 2019 10-year-anniversary model with a...
209,00 € *
Krivo Micro-Stealth PAF Humbucker Krivo Micro-Stealth PAF Humbucker
Krivo Micro-STEALTH PAF HUMBUCKING for Archtop Guitar The most innovative pickup for Jazz-guitar in decades, the Micro-Stealth is an ultra-slim (6mm) thick, Jazz PAF humbucker especially designed for for “old-school” style archtop...
219,00 € *
Krivo Humbucking Pickup for Resophonic Krivo Humbucking Pickup for Resophonic
Krivo Humbucking Pickup for Resophonic Only 6mm thick, the Krivo HumbuckingResophonic pickup is optimized tonally and aesthetically to suit National type resonator guitars (including Squarenecks). Krivo's proprietary ​Optimized...
209,00 € *
Krivo Nuevo Krivo Nuevo
Krivo Nuevo Now with a sleek, classic chrome finish , the Nuevo single-coil pickup is the Krivo pickup which is closest in sound and appearance to the traditional Stimer™ pickup popularized by Django Reinhardt during his late electric...
209,00 € *
Krivo Bass Krivo Bass
The Krivo Magnetic Pickup for Upright Bass Rapidly becoming the world-standard magnetic pickup for upright bass. The Krivo is fully adjustable for perfect string balance and mounts easily with included fastener. The incorporation of my...
229,00 € *
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