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Manouche Picks Sensor (made by Jokko!) Manouche Picks Sensor (made by Jokko!)
Gypsy jazz guitars tend to be hard to amplify… Not any more! We have made the best sensor to find your true acoustic sound. By adding silver to the cearmics the sound is stronger, harder and very close to the guitars own sound, and...
99,00 € *
The 4G Pick - Gismo Graf & GypsyGuitar The 4G Pick - Gismo Graf & GypsyGuitar
The 4G Pick - G ismo G raf & G ypsy G uitar - Made by Jokko from Manouchepicks! Once a famous ergonomic pick from Spain we all loved t This is the new interpretation of a pick we all loved. Playable on three sides. More materials to...
18,50 € *
manouche picks Model Manouche manouche picks Model Manouche
The big jazz Manouche is Jokko’s signature model and a hot seller. The special features of this pick are the dimple and extra surface holes, which give maximum grip on the back are also 5 lines in star shape to give extra grip Gauge 2 -...
17,50 € *
manouche picks Tears manouche picks Tears
This model is one of the traditional jazz picks, used by many legendary guitar players. It works well for solo as well as rythm playing, one can easily switch between both techniques. this pick is the endorsement model for Taylor Paucken...
16,00 € *
manouche picks Big Jazz manouche picks Big Jazz
The big jazz is an allround pick, all sides can be used and it is nicely bevelled from tip to shoulders. Pointy tip en rounded shoulders. This pick is perfectly suitable for rythmplayers as well as solists. From jazz to rock, it fits all...
17,50 € *
manouche picks Esmee manouche picks Esmee
Flat pick with surface holes in 207 shape. This pick has a good grip, to make the player feel more secure when playing. Gauge 2 - 6 mm Size 27 x 30 mm
17,50 € *
manouche picks model Eliza manouche picks model Eliza
Simple flat pick in 207 shape. The comfortable shape enables the player to play fast licks and easy rhythm parts. Gaga Weiss endorsement model. Gauge 3-4 mm Size 27 x 30 mm Price € 16,-
16,00 € *
manouche picks Trias manouche picks Trias
This triangle shaped pick is a hot seller. The reason why this pick is so populair, is because of the versatility in use. When playing guitar, a pick can sometimes turn around in your hand. The trias model enables you to continue...
25,00 € *
manouche picks Django manouche picks Django
This masterpiece is a copy of the original pick, used by the master Django Reinhardt. Cutted in the vintage shape of Django’s pick, which he used in the last period of his life. Gauge 4 - 6 mm Size 27 x 28 mm Price € 20,-
20,00 € *
manouche picks Bertino manouche picks Bertino
This pick is made to the specifications of Bertino Rodman. Flat pick in 207 shape, but extra length of 2mm. The comfortable stripes ensure a good grip. Gauge 3 - 6 mm Size 32 x 27 mm Price € 17,50
17,50 € *
manouche picks Schlenker Trias manouche picks Schlenker Trias
The trias Schlenker is created for, and in collaboration with, 5th fret productions USA Adam Schlenker. The triangle shaped trias is used by flat pickers and bluegrass musicians. It’s a magnificant tool to pick with. Gauge 1 - 1,5 mm...
25,00 € *
manouche picks Feigelie manouche picks Feigelie
This pick is made to the specifications of Feigelie Prisor. The grand master in djangology, he is a virtuoso with his own ‘fast and furious’ style. This slotted pick with holes, ensures a perfect grip. Gauge 4 + 3 mm Size 27 x 30 mm...
17,50 € *
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