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manouche picks Django manouche picks Django
This masterpiece is a copy of the original pick, used by the master Django Reinhardt. Cutted in the vintage shape of Django’s pick, which he used in the last period of his life. Gauge 4 - 6 mm Size 27 x 28 mm Price € 20,-
20,00 € *
manouche picks little jazz manouche picks little jazz
The little jazz By STOCHELO ROSENBERG is best sold among jazz musicians and players who prefer smaller size picks. Excecuted in the same shape as model big jazz. The small size ensures a perfect controll and easy grip. Small size, loud...
15,00 € *
manouche picks Joseph manouche picks Joseph
Our classic pick is still a hot seller. It all started with this shape! In the big picture you see the thumb slot, in the small picture you see the index finger slot and the hole. All together it gives maximum grip. Gauge 3 - 6 mm Size...
15,00 € *
manouche picks Esmee manouche picks Esmee
Flat pick with surface holes in 207 shape. This pick has a good grip, to make the player feel more secure when playing. Gauge 2 - 6 mm Size 27 x 30 mm Price € 15,-
15,00 € *
manouche picks Duncan manouche picks Duncan
This pick is made to the specifications of Duncan Sykora. Sharp like a razor blade, that’s how we describe this fast pick. Highly recommanded in black lava, that combination makes this pick a fast runner. Gauge 2 - 3 mm Size 23 x 28 mm...
15,00 € *
manouche picks Perry manouche picks Perry
This pick is made to the specifications of Perry Stenbeck. It is a triangle shaped pick with two pointy tips and one rounded tip, which is suitable for rythm as well as solo playing. Gauge 1,25 mm - 3 mm Size 31 x 31 mm Price € 25,-
25,00 € *
manouche picks Schlenker Trias manouche picks Schlenker Trias
The trias Schlenker is created for, and in collaboration with, 5th fret productions USA Adam Schlenker. The triangle shaped trias is used by flat pickers and bluegrass musicians. It’s a magnificant tool to pick with. Gauge 1 - 1,5 mm...
25,00 € *
manouche picks Vintage Jazz manouche picks Vintage Jazz
This pick is made to play solo as well as rythm. It has a vintage tip, bevelled from tip to shoulders. Inspired by the Stochelo design, only a little bigger. Gauge 2 - 4 mm Size 26 x 31 mm Price € 15,-
15,00 € *
manouche picks Tresto manouche picks Tresto
This triangle pick has three different tips, a pointy solo tip, a rounded tip for smooth solo or rythm and a heavily rounded tip to play rythms easily. It’s very suitable for players who play different styles and techniques. A true...
25,00 € *
manouche picks Pierre manouche picks Pierre
Comfortable pick shape with ergonomic dimple. The thumb dimple ensures that the pick stays in place, it doesn’t easily turn around. Gauge 2-6 mm Size 27 x 30 mm Price € 17,50
17,50 € *
manouche picks Rominoo manouche picks Rominoo
This pick is made to the specifications of Romino Grunholz . This pick is meant to be used by rhythm guitarists, but also solists like this shape. It’s a vintage pick for solists and a fine tool for smooth and accurate rhythm players....
15,00 € *
manouche picks Robin Nolan manouche picks Robin Nolan
The mando Schlenker is created for, and in collaboration with, 5th fret productions USA Adam Schlenker. The mando Schlenker is based on the trias Schlenker, but has more rounded tips. Playability is smoothly and comfortably, because of...
15,00 € *
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