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manouche picks little jazz STOCHELO ROSENBERG manouche picks little jazz STOCHELO ROSENBERG
The little jazz By STOCHELO ROSENBERG is best sold among jazz musicians and players who prefer smaller size picks. Excecuted in the same shape as model big jazz. The small size ensures a perfect controll and easy grip. Small size, loud...
15,00 € *
manouche picks Trias manouche picks Trias
This triangle shaped pick is a hot seller. The reason why this pick is so populair, is because of the versatility in use. When playing guitar, a pick can sometimes turn around in your hand. The trias model enables you to continue...
25,00 € *
manouche picks Big Jazz manouche picks Big Jazz
The big jazz is an allround pick, all sides can be used and it is nicely bevelled from tip to shoulders. Pointy tip en rounded shoulders. This pick is perfectly suitable for rythmplayers as well as solists. From jazz to rock, it fits all...
15,00 € *
manouche picks esmee 4mm tortoise manouche picks esmee 4mm tortoise
Flat pick with surface holes in 207 shape. This pick has a good grip, to make the player feel more secure when playing. Gauge 4 mm Size 27 x 30 mm Price € 15,-
15,00 € *
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