Krivo Djangobucker

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Krivo Djangobucker The Djangobucker is available in two styles: a  petit bouche ... mehr
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Krivo Djangobucker

The Djangobucker is available in two styles: a petit bouche model (black) which recesses into the fretboard cutaway oval-hole gypsy guitars for a "seamless" look,and the new 2019 10-year-anniversary model with a rosewood inlay (NOT AVAILABLE IN EU). Both versions are only 6mm thick.



  • Designed for a snappy acoustic Gypsy-Jazz tone.
  • Fully adjustable for perfect string-to-string balance.
  • Mounts with finish-friendly putty (a container of putty is included with each pickup).
  • The cable terminates in a regular 1/4" (6.35mm) male plug—compatible with any guitar amp/
  • No Preamp required!



Do you play a D-Hole (Grande Boúche) Gypsy guitar?—then I highly recommend my Micro-Stealth PAF pickup, or Nuevo Chrome single-coil pickup which is the best Krivo pickup for D-hole guitars.


Hear Robin  performing with his Djangobucker in the video below:
The Djangobucker is also endorsed by world-renowned gypsy-jazz guitarist Paul “Pazzo” Mehling of the Hot Club of San Franscisco

You can hear the Krivo Djangobucker on the Hot Club’s latest CD John, Paul, George and Djangoavailable HERE. 


​"I love the Djangobucker's sleek design, great string clarity and acoustic gypsy sound!"--
Lisa Liu, Guitarist NYC.
The Djangobucker perfectly recesses into the fretboard cutaways of oval-hole gypsy guitars for perfect placement and a sleek, seamless look. 

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