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Krivo Nuevo Now with a sleek, classic chrome finish , the  Nuevo  single-coil... mehr
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Krivo Nuevo

Now with a sleek, classic chrome finish, the Nuevo single-coil pickup is the Krivo pickup which is closest in sound and appearance to the traditional Stimer™ pickup popularized by Django Reinhardt during his late electric period. However, this is not merely a "gypsy-jazz" pickup: the Nuevo excels on archtop jazz guitars and resonator guitars. I have optimized magnet position and strength to eliminate the annoying “hot-b string” problems evinced by the original Stimer pickups. Furthermore, the Nuevo ​has a much higher output and lower noise than competing single-coil pickups. Also available in a petit-bouche model (with black woodgrain finish) which fits perfectly into the fretboard cutaway of oval-hole gypsy jazz guitars for a "seamless" look.

"Clearance on the “Nuevo” is superb. I doubt there is a Jazz guitar out there that this pickup won’t fit." --Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

The Nuevo single-coil pickup (now available in classic Chrome finish is the most "traditional" pickup in the Krivo line and my only single coil pickup. It has a warm yet clear vintage tone that compliments just about any guitar: from Gypsy-Jazz axes to old-school archtops. But don't take my word for it: hear for your self in the following video demo by Jeff Matz:

"Got the Nuevo: I hate to make pronunciations of the heavens opening up and the second coming, because, like you, I've owned over 50 guitars, and just about every type of amplifier and pickup system available. I've had pro endorsements and have been GIVEN tons of gear. That being said, this thing is far and away the best pickup I've ever used for a gypsy guitar. It actually emphasizes all the good points of the guitar and eliminates most of the bad points. I am just blown away!" —Jack Fields: Swing Guitarist

Here is a video of Zack Devine demoing his Nuévo pickup:


Nuevo Single-Coil Specifications:
  • Hand wound with AWG 44 "Vintage" Formvar wire.
  • No preamp needed.
  • Excels on both Gypsy Guitars and Vintage Archtops
  • Wired with audiophile grade Mogami™cable inside and out.
  •  Genuine Switchcraft™ connectors.
  • Real chrome (standard) or black hardwood (petít boúche version) finish.
  • Excellent alternative to traditional “Stimer”  or "de Armond" type pickups, no “hot ‘b’ string” issues like the older brands.
  • The standard model has laser engraved lines which align with the "b" string for optimum positioning and balance.
  • Very responsive to EQ so a wide range of tonal colors are at your disposal, from bright and transparent to thick and colored. 
  • Works equally well with a tube amp or dedicated acoustic amps.
  • Slimmer in profile than traditional models—a mere 6mm thick!
  • Uses neodymium magnets for clarity and brilliance with strong lows.
  • Innovative “Optimized Microphonics” design senses acoustic vibrations from the soundboard in addition to string vibrations.
  • Mounts with included non-invasive, easily removable, finish friendly putty.
  • No modification to instrument required, mounts in seconds.
  • Fully shielded for noise minimization.
  • Excellent transparent acoustic tone.
  • Terminates in a dedicated 1/4″ guitar plug, just plug right in to any amp and you are ready to play! 


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