Krivo Bass

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The Krivo Magnetic Pickup for Upright Bass Rapidly becoming the world-standard magnetic... mehr
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The Krivo Magnetic Pickup for Upright Bass

Rapidly becoming the world-standard magnetic pickup for upright bass. The Krivo is fully adjustable for perfect string balance and mounts easily with included fastener. The incorporation of my proprietary Optimized Microphonics™ technique results in a surprisingly "acoustic" sound. 

The Krivo acoustic bass pickup is the perfect choice for tone, clarity, and presence. It delivers the authentic sound of the acoustic bass when I need to play in an amplified ensemble settings and it holds up perfectly in both low volume rehearsals and high energy performances. The compact design makes it especially easy to add to your setup, and it can be attached and removed very efficiently. I recommend the Krivo acoustic bass pickup for the player who needs to add that extra kick to his sound”.--Dirk Shumaker: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Jason Bertone of Banshee Tree
Hear Jason Bertone of Banshee Tree,performing with the Krivo pickup for upright bass in the videos above.


Rarely have I ever been so impressed and satisfied with a product! The Krivo bass pickup allows me to compete with high-volume guitars and drums!!!  I can finally hear myself without my upright feeding back! I don’t even have to play as hard! This is even more amazing because  I’m not compromising any of the pure tone of the instrument. It gives the bass a rich, dark and woody yet bright sound! I’m thoroughly impressed and proud to be a part of the Krivo family - Dante Fire, professional bassist: George Duke, Al Jarreau, Rick James, Candy Dulfer, and Ice-T.
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