EP-01 Utility Pickup

EP-01 Utility Pickup
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An inexpensive, yet mighty little soundboard transducer  ... mehr
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An inexpensive, yet mighty little soundboard transducer


     The EP-01 is a small, light weight piezo sensor that is usually installed on an instrument's soundboard. The pickup comes with 18" of shielded cable and is available in non-terminated form (no jack supplied), or with an endpin jack with either a chrome or gold button.

     The piezo element is covered with an acoustic foam pad to help protect the element. Since the element is not 'potted' or heavily protected from damage, this sensor is normally installed either on the interior of an instrument or at least in a protected location. It is a sensible choice for use in smaller and less expensive installations or for experimentation purposes. Feedback rejection for this pickup will depend upon how it is installed and exactly where it is installed.

 Each EP-01 comes with a supply of our special mounting putty and the sensor may be mounted with this material. For extending the life of the sensor and to make it possible to try the sensor in different locations on a soundboard, it is suggested that the sensor first be glued to a small square of spruce approximately 0.100" thick with a drop of CA or epoxy and then the putty be used to stick the pickup to the soundboard. The sensor (or the sensor mounted to the small wood square) may of course be glued to a soundboard for a 'permanent' installation. 


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