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  • GG10584
Typ Tonabnehmer für Gipsygitarren Anschluss Chinch (RCA) to 1/4″ Jack... mehr
Produktinformationen "Schertler STAT MACC SELECT"
Typ Tonabnehmer für Gipsygitarren
Anschluss Chinch (RCA) to 1/4″ Jack
Frequenz 40Hz bis 12kHz
Sensivity (Instrument) ca. -25dB
Beinhaltet Pickup, Anschlusskabel und PRE-A III


  • Typ: Tonabnehmer für Maccaferi/Selmer Gitarren
  • nominal impedance 1.6 kOhm
  • frequency response 40 Hz to 12 kHz
  • dynamic range 75 dB
  • sensitivity (on instrument) ca. -25dB
  • temperature range -10°C to +50°C
  • contacts all gold plated
  • connection chinch (RCA) to 1/4" jack
Preamplifier PRE-A III 

Great acoustic preamp . These preamps are no longer made by schertler and are very rare to find.  The PRE-A III accepts XLR and 6.35mm jack inputs and offers dry and equalised outputs. The dry out supplies the signal after gain which is ideal for sending directly to the mixer or PA-System. The regular output is the signal after running through the preamp's EQ, giving a more personalised sound


Weight:0.45 kg

Dimensions:120 x 120 x 35 mm

Preamp power supply:12V DC

Input Impedance:10 Kilo Ohms

Max. Input:-7dBu (ideal for passive and MIC signals)

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