Yaakov Hoter's Gypsyjazz-School

Yaakov Hoter's Gypsyjazz-School
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Yaakov Hoter's Gypsyjazz-School · The Ultimate Online Experience Gypsy And Jazz My love of... mehr
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Yaakov Hoter's Gypsyjazz-School · The Ultimate Online Experience Gypsy And Jazz

My love of music began in my childhood and is still going strong.  When I was 13, I took up the guitar and my brother, Azriel, immediately taught me my first blues and also gave me a Django Reinhardt cassette along with a large collection of records from a lot of styles. I remember spending hours listening to those records, trying to catch that magic energy that I felt from some special tunes, tunes in many different styles. The magic that  I felt as a child is the secret that I’m still  looking for today.

That first Django cassette played a big part in my life. Django’s music ignited a spark in me that has become an eternal light guiding my way to spread his breathtaking music, learning, performing, teaching in person and online, and developing a guitar to get the precise sound I’d been longing for.




Over the years, I have also been involved in a vast range of styles – the blues, rock, fusion, jazz, Indian, Balkan, Arabic and Irish music, et al. – all of which have influenced me and helped me create my own style.

My formal music training was at the Rimon Music College and at the Jerusalem Music Academy.  My professional adventure includes performance with a variety of bands and personalities in many styles.  I have also written music for the theater, composed songs, written lyrics and taught music.


In 2006, I had the great good fortune to meet and play with Jon Larsen and Walter Clerici in Denmark.  That really gave me the push I needed to devote myself to Gypsy swing, leaving other endeavors by the wayside.  I immersed myself completely in learning the Gypsy swing style for two years. I travelled to Europe, studied with the acclaimed master Gypsy guitarist, Fapy Lafertin, and jammed with, and learned from, such Gypsy swing guitar greats as Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg and Moreno. The Core Elements of Gypsy Jazz Picking | taught by Yaakov Hoter 


The Complete Arpeggio Package and Rest Stroke Picking


An in-depth learning of the “rest stroke” picking technique and arpeggios.


Buy $109.00


Rest stroke is the core of the Gypsy Jazz style, sound and technique.

Arpeggios are a must for any improvisational musician.

In this course, you will learn and practice the rest stroke technique with all the arpeggios you need to know. You will build a daily practice to master the technique and the shapes. After 6 months of 30 minute daily practice, your technique and improvisation skills will have improved tremendously.


Important - This course contains lessons 6,7,9,12,13, 8.2 and 11.2 from my previous site. It is also contains lots of new material!
If you already bought the old lessons contact me and you will be credited the amount of you paid.



* You will know and master the rest stroke picking method.

* You will get examples of how to use arpeggios in your improvisation over the songs Minor Swing and J’attendrai.

* You will know vertical and horizontal positions for minor, major, m9, M9, 6, m6, 7, m7, maj7, dim7, m7b5 arpeggios all over the fingerboard.

* You will know to alter the arpeggio degrees to create new positions such as 7#5, 7#11, Maj7#11 and Maj7#5.

* You will learn how to easily visualize and memorize all of these arpeggios.

*You will know how to use the dim7 arpeggio over the Dom7 chord to create the 7b9 sound.

* You will know how to build a solo run over one chord all over your fretboard.

* You will know how to use the m7b5 chord over dominant7 and m6 chords.

* You will know how to use the m7 chord over M6 and M7 chords.

* You will learn triplet runs.

* You will know how to play an improvisation on a G major turnaround.

* You will know how to play “David” and “Dark Eyes” using only one m7b5 shape.

* You will get examples from Django over “Dinah,” “Montagne Sainte Genevieve” and “Stompin’ At Decca.”


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