Krivo Micro-Manouche

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Krivo Micro-Manouche - description for gypsyjazz guitar NEW for... mehr
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Krivo Micro-Manouche - description for gypsyjazz guitar

NEW for 2019: the Micro Manoúche Humbucking pickup for Gypsy Jazz Guitars.

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NOW available for immediate shipment: the new Micro-Manouche pickup for Gypsy and Traditional Jazz guitars.


Simple and effective: The Micro-Manóuche has been 10 years in the making: my design intention was to combine the best features of my most successful pickups for jazz guitar (Mini Humbucker, Nuevo and PAF) into a simple and cost-effective pickup housed in a beautiful laser-engraved brass-plated cover.. After much experimentation I am proud to say that the new Micro Manouche is the the most affordable, well-balanced and versatile Krivo Humbucker available: Clarity and warmth with a bit of a gritty edge to the tone.


The Micro Manouche has exceptionally great string-to-string balance: this pickup completely solves the balance issues which have beset other magnetic pickups for gypsy-jazz guitars.


The Micro-Manouche is the best Krivo Pickup for D-hole and F-hole Gypsy Jazz Guitars, but excels on every type of guitar. Not merely a "gypsy" pickup, the Micro-Manouche sounds fantastic on archtops too. 

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Will Dickerson
"I am blown away by the quality of the craftsmanship and the crisp tone of the Micro-Manouche. It has a bright, clean, almost acoustic-sounding tone that is perfect both for playing with a quiet trio and with a full band." 
—Will Dickerson: professional guitarist.



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