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The Krivo  Micro-Manoúche  features the following: Innovative... mehr
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The Krivo Micro-Manoúche features the following:

  • Innovative “Optimized Microphonics” design senses acoustic vibrations from soundboard in addition to string vibrations.
  • Mounts with included non invasive easily removable finish-friendly putty.
  • Attractive laser-etched brass plated cover.
  • No modification to instrument, mounts in seconds.
  • High output: 9.5K Ohms.
  • Fully shielded and hum-cancelling for noise-free performance.
  • Hand wound  with AWG44  single-enamel magnet wire.
  • Genuine audiophile grade Mogami™cable .
  • Switchcraft™ connectors.
  • Very responsive to EQ— a wide range of tonal colors are at your disposal, from bright and transparent to thick and colored. 
  • Works equally well with a tube amp or Schertler, AER type acoustic amps. 
  • Uses neodymium magnets for clarity and brilliance with strong lows.
  • Excellent transparent acoustic tone.
  • Incorporates a 1/4″ guitar cord, just plug right into any amp!

Not merely a "gypsy" pickup, my highly versatile ( only6mm thick) Micro-Manouche humbucking has become a favorite among archtop jazz players, acoustic guitarists, reso and dobro players and is even used on niche instruments like the, cigar-box guitar, the Indian veena and balalaika! Endorsed by professional players like Robin Nolan, Ghali Hadefi, Benji Nini Winterstein, and Will Dickerson. The Micro-Manouche is exceptionally well-balanced and works with all strings: phosphor-bronze, nickel, and Argentine (silvered copper) strings. It's truly a UNIVERSAL pickup.

​Introducing my new Micro-Manouche humbucking pickup for Guitar. This little marvel is turning out to be a favorite among archtop jazz players, Gypsy Jazz enthusiasts, and even on niche instruments like the, cigar-box guitar, the Indian veena and balalaika! Endorsed by professional players like Robin Nolan, Benji Nini Winterstein, Ghali Hadefi, Will Dickerson, and many more! Now also available in Chrome Finish!
Simple and effective: The Micro-Manóuche has been 10 years in the making: my design intention was to combine the best features of my most successful pickups for jazz guitar (Mini Humbucker, Nuevo and PAF) into a simple and cost-effective pickup housed in a beautiful laser-engraved cover. After much experimentation I am proud to say that the new Micro-Manouche is the the most affordable, well-balanced and versatile Krivo Humbucker available: Clarity and warmth with a bit of a gritty edge to the tone. The Micro-Manouche has warmer with hotter output than my Nuevo and Djangobucker pickups but is more "acoustic" sounding than my Micro-Stealth PAF.

The Micro-Manouche has exceptionally great string-to-string balance: this pickup has completely solved the perennial balance issues which have plagued other magnetic pickups for gypsy-jazz guitars.

The Micro-Manouche is the best Krivo Pickup for D-hole and F-hole Gypsy Jazz Guitars, but excels on every type of guitar (very nice on Parlor-sized instruments). If you play Oval-hole (petít-boúche) gypsy guitar then I highly recommend my Djangobucker pickup.

Will Dickerson
"I am blown away by the quality of the craftsmanship and the crisp tone of the Micro-Manouche. It has a bright, clean, almost acoustic-sounding tone that is perfect both for playing with a quiet trio and with a full band." 
—Will Dickerson: professional guitarist.



You can hear the new Micro-Manoúche pickup in this fantastic and thorough demo video by Will Dickerson 


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