Goulielmos Parlor Guitar Rebetiko M23

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Goulielmos M 23 Parlor Guitar Rebetiko built by Adonis Goulielmos in the greek tradition... mehr
Produktinformationen "Goulielmos Parlor Guitar Rebetiko M23"

Goulielmos M 23 Parlor Guitar Rebetiko built by Adonis Goulielmos in the greek tradition of Dimitris Mourtzinos. Interetsing fact: This guitar is built like the Selmer Style Guitars with a simple ladder bracing, which makes the sound different to many nowadays factorymade parlours, which are bulit with more modern bracings (x-bracing). So its more open and resonant, but give also more attack - just like the selmer does,

Soundboard: European Spruce AAA

Back and Side: African Mahogany

Neck: African Mahogany

Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood

Scale Length: 24,9" / 623,49 mm

Fret: 6230 Dunlop

Trussrod: Hot Rod 2-way adjustable

About the guitar: 

Dimitris Mourtzinos (1857-1931) was Ioannis’s Gompakis student (a Greek Instrument maker). His lab was in the centre of Athens. He was making Mandolins, guitars, violins and bouzouki. He has been awarded in the international expos of: Paris (1889,1900), Athens (1903), Ostend (1904) and Liege (1904)

Mourtzinos lab:



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